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Healthcare Technology Solutions For Small And Large Organisations.

Cloud based healthcare technology that reduces human error
Data in the hospitals are more valuable and it needs to be digitized to reduce the human error. Bairo provides three unique products to enhance the doctor-patient experience in an hospital. The Bairo products help to take the HIS to another level. The features of the products makes them unique powerful and life saving healthcare technology.

Bairo Solutions helps to transform healthcare with new technology. A cloud enterprise web application that can manage the information involved in your hospitals in a efficient manner. Empowering the healthcare organisation with enterprise technology and isolated HIPAA complaint database.

Bairo Engage
Engage is a unique, powerful on the go communication tool. One communication tool that provides the data of the entire session in which the patient and the doctors are involved. The information is stored in cloud based healthcare technology and hence discharge summary can be retrieved from the c…