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Importance of Video Marketing in 2018

24 hours news, clickbait ‘listicles’ and smartphone games have left us hopefully impatient, picking up and dropping stories the second we’re bored. For this exact appetite of people wanting more video content, platforms across the web are now integrating video capabilities as a larger portion of their overall streaming abilities.
Opportunity awaits businesses who are willing to carve out a niche in this space. If you need a hand to get started, Bairo provides Video services to help promote your business and introduce your company to the year of Video Marketing from the inside. Our team helps you to tell your story through progressive visuals and dynamic storylines that are built to connect with your target audience, allowing you join the most viral movement of this year’s platform evolution – Video Marketing.
Bairo Video Marketing
One Video marketing tip for 2018: Craft Winning Content and Capture artfully.  Here is a great example.
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Tips for Successful Digital Marketing

As Internet started penetrating the world's population, Digital Marketing has been growing rapidly. But while it’s easy to say digital as the up-and-coming marketing trend, it’s not as easy to dive into this new space. To help, we offer some tips for success in digital marketing.

1. Research and make your content memorable

Do you want to make an impression on your audience and stay on their minds? Do your research and make your content memorable. To get the most out of Digital Marketing, you need great content, you need pictures, graphics, and videos to get more shares, more engagement, and more subscribers. 

For Content writing, begin with the three-step “Discovery-Attractiveness-Deployment” (D-A-D) process of identifying and implanting the most appropriate, effective key words and phrases into your content.

2. Utilize Social Media and Create Dialogue

"Marketing is all about the stories you tell about the stuff you make" per Marketing Wizard Seth Godin.

Where ever your c…

Healthcare Transformation and Digitization

Healthcare is going through a major transformation and is turning to digitizations. Healthcare Organizations that are able to adapt to the digital technologies, medical devices and implement EMRs, adapt workflows and place patient outcomes, experience, engagement at the core of healthcare delivery become efficient.  They will continue to see success and growth.
Old Healthcare Model: of limited technology adoption, Paper facilitated workflow and process, Siloed clinical devices and only using custom legacy applications are going to an inflection point and seeing slow death. This old paradigm of not going digital will eventually cost them growth.
New Healthcare Model: Organizations that adapt New Healthcare Model redefine business leveraging digitization’s and understand that Digital Technologies and Outcomes are key to ongoing success. They grow by going for Standard based applications – Electronic Medical Records, Clinical workflows, Paperless hospitals and various technologies with mu…

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How Block Chain Works?

Transaction --> Block -->Verification --> Hash --> Execution
Transaction: Two Parties, X and Y decide to exchange a unit of value (digital currency or digital representation of some other asset, such as land title, birth certificate, or educated degree) and initiate the transaction. Block: The transaction is packed with other pending transaction thereby creating a "block". The block is sent to the blockchain system network of participating computers. Verification: The participating computers(called "miners" in the bitcoin blockchain) evaluate the transaction through mathematical calculation determine whether they are a valid, When "consensus" has been achieved, typically among 51% of participating computers, the transaction are considered verified. Hash: Each verified block of the transaction is time-stamped with a cryptographic hash. Each block also of contains a reference to previous blocks has, thus creating a "chain “of records that…

Ready for Digital future? If not start preparing.

At Bairo, we are redefining how consumers access to care and how providers deliver it by creating new care delivery models using technology.
We’re witnessing exponential growth both in digital at large and specifically as it relates to healthcare. Transparency with electronic medical records and remote patient monitoring are two growing niches as patients expect and demand to own more of their healthcare experience. Digital has the ability to create new care delivery models and truly make a difference in the way we practice healthcare within our nation.
It’s time to look at how health systems select the right solutions for growth and success. Leadership teams will need to Engage with these questions. Their answers will play a major role in influencing how Digital will serve as the engine driving healthcare clinical delivery.