Tips for Successful Digital Marketing

As Internet started penetrating the world's population, Digital Marketing has been growing rapidly. But while it’s easy to say digital as the up-and-coming marketing trend, it’s not as easy to dive into this new space. To help, we offer some tips for success in digital marketing.

1. Research and make your content memorable

Do you want to make an impression on your audience and stay on their minds? Do your research and make your content memorable. To get the most out of Digital Marketing, you need great content, you need pictures, graphics, and videos to get more shares, more engagement, and more subscribers. 

For Content writing, begin with the three-step “Discovery-Attractiveness-Deployment” (D-A-D) process of identifying and implanting the most appropriate, effective key words and phrases into your content.

2. Utilize Social Media and Create Dialogue

Social Media
"Marketing is all about the stories you tell about the stuff you make" per Marketing Wizard Seth Godin.

Where ever your customers are, you should be too. Social media is no exception. Determining which channels to be on is important, you don’t have the resources to be everywhere and do everything. In general, the essential channels we recommend our clients to be on are:
  • Facebook: 2 billion monthly users
  • Twitter: 328 million monthly users
  • Instagram: 700 million monthly users
  • LinkedIn: 500 million monthly users
  • YouTube: 1.5 billion monthly users
  • Pinterest: 175 million monthly users


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