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Voice Search Technology

Digital marketing is ever-changing. Voice Technologies like Apple's Homepod, Google Home, Amazon Echo are continuing to mature and is defining future of searches as its easy for consumers to say than to type it. Voice services served through above digital assistants on smartphones and home assistants are tapped for day-to-day things now.
Voice searches on Google are three times more likely to be local-based and 30 times more likely to be action-oriented than text-based searches. The result is that content and context (aka semantic search) are replacing traditional search-optimized keywords and phrases. Most voice search queries focus on the 5 W’s + 1 H: who, what, when, where, why and how. To take advantage of voice search optimizations you need better coding, fast websites, and top-notch marketing.

A study from Gartner recently that by 2021, digital brands that optimize their commerce sites for visual and voice searches will see 30% greater revenue. Voice search provid…

Understanding Instagram reach

One in three people—2.48 billion~ worldwide used a social network in 2017, according to eMarketer estimates. Nearly 594 million people worldwide used Instagram regularly in 2017, representing about a quarter (24.0%) of total social network users.
Social networking broader shift is towards mobile devices. Mobile phones are the primary device used by new internet users to go online and to access social media. Last year, 74.7% of mobile phone internet users worldwide used their device to access social media. Instagram relies so heavily on smartphones and no wonder the growth is astonishing. Gains were fastest in countries with fierce smartphone uptake like India. Instagram users growth in India (see chart below) is projected to grow to 52.8 million in 2018 out of 200 million smartphone mobile users. Although most of Instagram’s user base tends to be 35 and younger, older age groups are expected to join in the coming years, much as they did with Facebook. Instagram penetration into Indian…

Reasons that Companies in India Use Social Media

We now have more devices connected to the internet than people, and with this, we have artificial intelligence and data exchange. 
This marks Marketing and managing digital outreach of your brand or organization is today's world more than important. Here are the survey results of social media savvy organizations in India that have publicly visible social activities or have created successful social media campaigns. Avail Bairo marketing services and see if our team of industry experts can assist your business with that path towards prosperity.

Organic and Paid Social: Definitions

Organic social: Using social platforms to share content and interact with consumers via brand pages or accounts, create and manage branded communities, distribute content, perform customer service, and monitor sentiment and conversation. Does not include influencer marketing.
Paid social: Spending media dollars to place ads on social platforms, such as Facebook in-feed ads and video ads, Twitter Promoted Tweets, Snap Ads and Instagram ads. Brands need to take consultation of digital marketing agency who have their own dedicated teams constantly working on the recent social marketing trends and updates.

Facebook's Newsfeed changes and What it means for Businesses

Facebook Inc. said its making changes to Facebook’s algorithm and will prioritize posts that spark back-and-forth discussion or inspire people to share and react.
So what it means for Brands ? Although this means Facebook will show less public content, including videos and other posts from publishers or businesses that may affect brands. Facebook’s user base operates in a different manner than other digital marketing channels, such as search or display. Working with our clients, we find that Live videos on average get six times as many interactions as regular videos and this interaction is what Facebook's new algorithm is looking for now. This is the reason why brands need to take consultation of digital marketing agencywho have their own dedicated teams constantly working on the recent marketing trends and updates.

We make Brands Matter

Welcome to 2018!

I hope you enjoyed the new year - I know I did - because you have to look forward over the next 12 months. And they’ll go by faster than you think. Have you ever considered whether your Marketing solution is working well? This is an era of great rift. As we watch the world change faster than the businesses fueling it, we believe this is a crucial time to build value in brands. Brands promote cohesion. Brands deliver customer value. Brands make businesses grow. While the marketing solutions of today make it easier than ever to reach customers, achieving business growth and customer value through brand building has never been more difficult. Bairo looked at brands through the lens of product solutions, not just advertising alone. Today those solutions manifest through a diverse range of specialist skills and capabilities that we activate and bring together on behalf of our clients. Our service is customizable, adaptable and, most importantly, accountable. We achieve the pi…