Don't let negative reviews get you down

Whether people think you’re doing a outstanding job or a noxious one, there’s no way to hide from your reputation anymore. Prospective customers can now see the collective history of a business’s ability to keep its customers happy 24 hours a day via online reviews. Google's goal has been to model the real world. It aims to reward the companies that are the most popular and prominent within their own market areas — those that are the most highly regarded by their customers, considered to among the best. That's exactly is what searchers are looking for in search results.

Online Reputation Management
In today's online environment, there are many factors that can cost a brand opportunity. What might negative search results cost you? We can help you figure that out. Protect your brand’s rankings, reputation, and revenue by staying on top of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that help you identify winning locations and those that are under performing.

  • Know where you're falling behind by stacking your brand’s rankings against your chosen competitors.
  • Prevent unauthorized listing edits with notifications that keep you in control.
  • Stay ahead of the conversation with alerts for new reviews as they appear on major platforms.
Bairo Solution
Bairo’sSolution to negative reviews is the most effective method in industry. Removing the search results would involve a combination of SEO-based strategies. To solve the problem, we opt for a three-step campaign:
  • Dilution and Counter-Point
  • Suppression of Negatives
  • Protection from Future Problems
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